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Lifelong learners who:

  • think critically and creatively
  • demonstrate a strong academic foundation
  • demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
  • use technology responsibly for learning, communication, and enjoyment
  • demonstrate a creative spirit through art, music, and movement

Socially responsible citizens who:

  • express awareness of global, national, and local situations
  • share their abundance with those who are less fortunate
  • respect the environment and their role as stewards of the planet
  • exhibit an understanding of what contributes to good physical and mental health

Effective communicators who:

  • express thoughts in writing, using correct grammar and mechanics
  • express personal opinions respectfully and work cooperatively with others
  • speak clearly and confidently
  • exhibit listening skills

Problem solvers who:

  • use research skills
  • plan, set, and work effectively toward goals
  • solve problems in different ways
  • compromise and negotiate with others
  • evaluate themselves realistically

Active Christians who:

  • experience a relationship with God which includes a personal and communal prayer life
  • celebrate the weekly Eucharist
  • make moral decisions in the light of gospel values
  • possess a knowledge and understanding of Scripture, tradition, history, and basic teachings of the Church
  • participate in service to the Church, to family, and to local communities
  • demonstrate respect and compassion for others