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The traditions of St. Cecilia school go across multiple generations and demonstrate the pride of the students, families, and alumni as they continue to carry the community torch at the highest level.

Having attended St. Cecilia myself, I was excited to enroll my sons. What I found as a parent is a school and parish community that has adapted to a progressing world while still embracing the rich traditions and tenets of St. Cecilia. Students graduating from St. Cecilia are informed, faithful, and prepared for the challenges of high school.

My kids' teachers have been outstanding partners in their development. If one of our kids has a challenge with a subject or is dealing with something emotionally, the open dialogue and team problem solving is bar none. Similarly, when a teacher notices mastery of a subject, we talk about ways to further level up with special projects.

St. Cecilia school is a diverse community which has gifted our children a better understanding of the world around them.

The support of the St. Cecilia’s community always has shined through in times of need especially when we come together to help families who need support.

As a first-time parent I started deeply researching parochial schools when my oldest was just 11 months old. Crazy I know! From the active parent community, engaged teachers and staff, to the maturity of St. Cecilia graduates, every year I researched and interviewed students, St. Cecilia's always came out on top. By the time my son was ready for kindergarten, I was so excited to apply!

St. Cecilia has the best teachers and staff who are part of my tribe as a mom. Each one of my boys' teachers partners with me in their emotional and academic growth. What more could a parent ask for?

You know you have engaging teachers when you hear your child exclaim year after year their favorite class is math!

I love that my kids take piano at St. Cecilia. The musical staff is so talented, and at every recital parents and classes celebrate the musical accomplishments of their peers.